Welsh Government lawyer jailed for child sex abuse

Welsh Government lawyer jailed for child sex abuse

A senior lawyer for the Welsh Government has been jailed for 20 years for dozens of child sex abuse charges.

John Ryan-Guess admitted 37 charges, including sexual assault, making indecent images and aiding and abetting another to commit sexual assault.

Recorder of Cardiff Eleri Rees called him a “sexual predator” who took “any opportunity” to offend.

At Cardiff Crown Court, Ryan-Guess, 43, from Cardiff, was told he would serve six years on licence upon release.

In a victim impact statement, the mother of one of his victims said she felt “perpetually tortured” by the knowledge he had preyed on her daughter.

She said her daughter was having therapy to try and come to terms with what happened.

Prosecutor James Wilson said Ryan-Guess also filmed young girls in public, including a supermarket, a swimming pool changing room and outside schools, attempting to obtain “upskirt” material or photos of naked children.

‘Matter of time’

After police found videos on his phone of him carrying out sexual assaults on children, he told officers he had been interested in young girls all his life and found them arousing.

He found out about an online messenger service called Kik where he shared thousands of images, as well as one live stream of him abusing a child.

He said he felt Kik “normalised” his behaviour because he could chat to and share material with like-minded people.

Defending, Peter Rouch said Ryan-Guess had sought counselling and therapy to “understand” his offending and expressed “disgust and remorse” at his behaviour.

Judge Rees said his offences escalated from voyeurism to touching and “it would have been a matter of time” before he raped a child had he not been caught.

She described him as well-educated and professionally successful, which led others to trust him.

Ryan-Guess no longer works for the Welsh Government.

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