Fortnite Android: Will Fortnite be in the Google Playstore – How to download Fortnite | Gaming | Entertainment

Fortnite Android: Will Fortnite be in the Google Playstore - How to download Fortnite | Gaming | Entertainment

Android players have had to wait longer than expected for Epic Games to release on their phones.

The most popular game on the market has been available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and iOS for at least three months now, but fans are yet to see the game on Android. 

Epic Games has previously said they would be looking to launch the game on Android during “the summer” but nothing has been released, until now. 

Fans are hoping Fortnite will be released on Android during the Samsung launch of the Galaxy S9. 

An exclusive deal between Samsung and Epic Games could mean players have to either pay for the brand new phone or wait for a general release. 

Epic Games has not revealed when, or if, they plan to launch Fortnite to a wider audience on Android’s Google Play store.

When will Fortnite be released on Android? 

Fans have had to guess when Fortnite will be launched on Android after Epic Games hinted the game could be released in the Summer back in March. 

Battle Royale has been available to download on iOS since March and has gone on to make more than $200 million in microtransactions globally. 

The game has become an instant classic, being downloaded by millions of gamers across the world. 

Epic Games has been quiet on when they will port the game to Android users, but new information could mean Fortnite will release this week. 

Many fans are hopeful Epic Games will launch a version of Fortnite for Android exclusively with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on Friday August 10. 

Some publications (9to5Google and XDA Developers) have been reporting the game will be pre-installed on the S9 during release. 

There is, however, a difficulty for other Android users, as FOrtnite may not be available to download on the Google Play Store. 

Epic Games recently complained about the “disproportionate” fee that Google takes from all download sales on its platform.

Google slices off a 30 percent cut from all sales on the Play Store, which may stop Epic Games from distributing on it. 

Tim Sweeney, the chief executive of Epic Games, said in a statement shared with The Verge that his firm wants a “direct relationship with our customers on all platforms where that’s possible.”

He added: “The great thing about the internet and the digital revolution is that this is possible, now that physical storefronts and middlemen distributors are no longer required.”

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