Elvis Presley ghost: The King’s ‘restless spirit’ EXPOSED by expert

Elvis Presley ghost: The King's 'restless spirit' EXPOSED by expert

ELVIS Presley’s spirit “is not at rest”, according to a world-renowned ghost hunter.

The King was just 42 when he tragically died from a heart attack on August 16, 1977.

Since then, countless conspiracy theories have swept the internet claiming to have captured the legend on camera dozens of years after his death.

Barri Ghai – a paranormal investigator currently appearing in his latest TV series Help My House is Haunted – has now spoken out about those claims.

And while he didn’t agree with theories Elvis is still alive, he did admit there was something troubling about his “spirit”.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, he said: “Elvis Presley is another spirit that keeps coming forward.


BIZARRE: A ghost hunter has claimed Elvis Presley’s spirit is ‘not at rest’

“Someone said that they’re communicating using instrumental trans-communication, which is basically using radio frequencies to allow spirits to communicate.

“Elvis is definitely long gone, the whole conspiracy theories that he is still alive is like Tupac – no.

“But his spirit, seemingly, is not at rest.

“He wants to communicate, he’s there, he’s giving messages to loved ones as well as many other celebrities.”

Barri also told this site of Katie Price’s terrifying ghost encounter.

He was talking ahead of episode four of his latest show Help! My House Is Haunted, which can be seen on UKTV Play now.

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